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Statewide Drug Court Training and Technical Assistance Program

The Center for Court Innovation works to strengthen statewide drug court systems across the United States. Through technical assistance and training, the Center aims to improve statewide drug court systems in the following key topic areas: Planning, Operations, Technology, Evaluation and Institutionalization. To accomplish this goal, the Center utilizes a wide array of resources, including on-site technical assistance from nationally recognized experts, distance learning opportunities and multi-media activities customized to meet the specific needs of individual jurisdictions. The Center’s Statewide Drug Court Training and Technical Assistance Program is underwritten by the United States Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance.


In order to maximize its impact, the Center for Court Innovation utilizes long-distance learning media such as webinars, teleconferencing and videoconferencing to conduct training and technical assistance. These opportunities encourage administrators from across the country to share experiences and lessons learned with their peers.

The Center’s Drug Court Training and Technical Assistance Program—with the support of the US Department of Justice's Bureau of Justice Assistance—features an online learning system for drug court practitioners. The first of its kind, the National Drug Court Online Learning System offers free access to cutting-edge training on a wide array of subjects, including the psychopharmacology of addiction, sanctions and incentives, trauma-informed care, and methamphetamine addiction.

The National Drug Court Online Learning System offers useful information for both new and experienced drug court practitioners and can be customized for individual and group learning. An individual practitioner, for example, can access lessons and tools at his or her own pace 24 hours a day, while a drug court team can coordinate its learning, accessing lessons as a group.

Courses include video lessons by experts in the field, virtual site visits of drug treatment courts around the country, interviews with practitioners, and a resource library of documents and reference tools. The easy-to-use system is designed to be used by anyone with Internet access. For a list of all lessons, videos, and other tools, click here.


Staff from the Center for Court Innovation, in concert with expert consultants will develop an individualized work plan based on each state’s needs. The plan can include activities such as strategic planning meetings, testing of management information systems, analysis of data, and training events. Upon concluding a site visit, Center staff will formulate a set of site specific recommendations and work with the jurisdiction to develop a plan for implementation.


The Center for Court Innovation works with a cadre of expert consultants who have extensive experience in state drug court administrative, operational and research issues. These experts can help with statewide planning, development of legislation, program operations, coordinated evaluation, and institutionalization strategies.


The Center for Court Innovation provides follow-up assistance, as needed, to support the goals and objectives of each jurisdiction's implementation plan.


The Center for Court Innovation helped plan and implement New York City’s first drug court, the Brooklyn Treatment Court, and has been a key player in the expansion of drug courts throughout the State of New York. For example, the Center developed a customized computer application that has been adopted for statewide use, performed a statewide evaluation of New York drug courts, and regularly conducts training events for adult, family, and juvenile drug courts in New York. For its efforts to help institutionalize drug court in New York, the Center was awarded the National Leadership Award by the National Association of Drug Court Professionals.

Beyond New York, the Center provides ongoing assistance to states around the country on how to institutionalize the principles and practices of drug courts. The Center develops publications and internet materials of special interest to a drug court audience, disseminates materials on drug court computer applications, and provides hands-on consulting to practitioners across the country and internationally.